Otto Schulze

Otto Schulze was also interested in computers, there was always the wish to make IT a bigger part of his life, other than being a hobby after hours.  When he started studying medicine, this hope seem to have faded, but was revived when he started specialising in Radiology

Shortly after starting his specialization he started working on improving the functioning of the department by connecting medical devices and improving communication to facilitate research and training in his department

This led to him being appointed as provincial PACS & RIS project manager and a significant gain in knowledge and experience in the field of PACS & RIS.

After completing his studies, he remains involved in the field and is frequently invited to speak at events about the topic.  He also does some PACS & RIS consultancy work for both private and the public sector.  He has passionate about increasing the knowledge about PACS & RIS, hopefully resulting in better implementation of PACS & RIS solutions and thus better results for both colleagues and patients

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